Resilience is the cornerstone of effective functioning - the ability to bounce back from adversity. We provide your business with the means to enhance resilience in your workforce through innovative, research-based, effective interventions linked to your specific business objectives. Our Workplace Resilience Programme is the way to sustainable resilience in work and life.


Today's business leaders know that relationships and engagement with employees is vital to their business success. Mutuality and efficacy of of those relationships is a hallmark of optimal performing organisations. Our Reciprocity products support your business by measuring your employees' level of reciprocity, identify root causes of problem relationships and provide solid interventions to enhance engagement and alignment with your business goals.


Work can be a stressful place. Low employee resilience leads to disengaged employees, leads to low Wellness, resulting in absenteeism (or worse, presenteeism / low productivity). Our Wellness programmes provide innovative approaches to building Wellness in your teams, fostering better engagement and enhancing overall resilience (when coupled with other products).

Who we are

PCI Consulting is an initiative of  PCI College, which is one of Ireland’s leading providers of Psychological Education for over 23 years. Our background in psychological education and counselling/psychotherapy means that we are in a unique position to understand the individual and what is required to empower and facilitate positive, lasting change.

Through PCI Consulting, clients benefit from the implementation of up-to-date, research-backed expertise in the areas of psychological, person-centred, business-focused resilience training and development-led programmes designed to support clients to cope well with today’s business challenges and to ultimately achieve and/or exceed business objectives.



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The Workplace Resilience Programme. Our WRP empowers executives, leaders, coaches, mentors, supervisors and employees at all levels of your organisation to maximise their performance and adapt to the ever changing business environment. Click to find out more.