who we are


We believe passionately that resilient people are resilient employees.

Research shows that there are many factors which signpost individual resilience at work including the ability to create realistic plans and do whats necessary to follow through with those plans; develop and maintain a positive self-concept; demonstrate good communication and problem solving skills and be able to manage their emotions.

Our approach harnesses Innovative, Research based interventions to support Resilience, Engagement and Wellness.

At PCI Consulting, we employ the latest innovations in the fields of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Positive Psychology and Instrumentation and measurement to actively intervene to improve employees, leaders, mentors and executives resilience both in work and in life.

our history

PCI Consulting is founded.

Focused on delivering world class psychological interventions to the corporate, enterprise and SME sector in the Republic of Ireland, PCI Consulting was founded as a sister division of PCI College for the purpose of improving those customers revenue, lowering their operating costs, increasing operating profit and supporting their agenda of social responsibility with particular emphasis on the trinity of Employee Resilience, Engagement, Wellbeing..

The PCI Consulting Workplace Resilience Programme(TM) is brought to market.

Harnessing the most up to date knowledge, skills and training in the area of sustainable behaviour change, we were delighted to bring our core resilience product – The Workplace Resilience Programme to the Irish Market.

Experts in the field join the PCI Consulting Team.

We are delighted to welcome our core team to the PCI Consulting family who bring years of knowledge, expertise and skills to the area of human psychological development and improvement.

Maximising your resilience investment

Value is more that the ratio of training hours to cost per hour.

Our Workplace Resilience Programme is our core product focused on life-long resilience beyond the traditional training setting. Employees of all levels in your organisation develop the tools and skills necessary to grow their resilience, yielding wider benefits than those undertaking training alone. Our Personal Resilience Plan (PRP) is strengths-based, individualised and designed to grow with your employees. It recognises already existing skills regularly employed without conscious awareness by the participant and adapts these for more effective daily use in the organisational context. Meeting and surmounting obstacles using the individualised PRP is explained and demonstrated through examples and participant engagement throughout our programme.

Focusing on your business objectives and aligning these to the implementation of such a programme is a staple of our deployment approach. Tailored solutions, off-the-shelf and bespoke products, wrapped in measures of effectiveness and alignment of outcomes to business objectives are our key success criteria.

We would be delighted to speak with you, whether your current workplace issues are resilience, wellness or engagement related to educate, inform and guide your way through long-term, sustainable business performance.

Our expert team

  • Mike Hackett

    Mike Hackett PMP, ARCHTI, MIACP. Programmes Manager. Mike has over 21 years’ experience in International...

  • Jolanta Burke

    Jolanta Burke, Positive Psychologist and PhD Researcher TCD Programme Facilitator. Jolanta Burke is a doctoral...

  • Anne Marie Toole

    Anne Marie Toole MIACP. BSc. Counselling & Psychotherapy, Dip. Psychology, Dip. Addiction Studies. Programme Facilitator....

Why choose us

We are invested in your business objectives.

We believe that training and behaviour change are not the same thing and that any intervention to address employee issues should be aligned to your business objectives. Further, we believe that our success is your success and our approach is to work collaboratively with you on your resilience, wellness and engagement journey.

Leading experts in the field.

At PCI Consulting we believe that effective, sustainable and quality deliverables can only be guaranteed by investing the best, most innovative thinkers and practitioners in the field in Ireland to benefit your business.

You improve what you measure.

Every programme or product we deploy for you comes packaged with a measurement component to ensure we are aligned on our key objectives and that the outcomes of any intervention we deploy can be sustained for the long-term.


We are experts in the area of psychological education and behavioural change.

In all of our training we use evidenced based and robust psychological interventions, bringing you the latest in the fields of:

  • Psychological Consultancy
  • Cognitive Behavioural Psychology
  • Positive Psychology
  • Personal Resilience Plan ™
  • Psychological Coaching
  • Conflict Management
  • Positive Leadership Programmes
  • Measurement & Assessment