It achieved a great balance between knowledge of the topic and making this interesting and close to us… Eoin managed to make the subject understandable to us with day to day examples. At the same time we felt that he was really an expert in the topic. From a HR perspective we were delighted to get so many people participating in the Q&A after the talk, as this is not the usual way our staff behaves

Patrcia Soria, Irish Life,

Jolanta’s style of presentation was superb. It was very interesting and informative. Overall it was an enjoyable day… I took a huge amount from the workshop and I am applying it to my everyday living.

Iris Murray, Resilience Workshop Attendee,

Excellent facilitation. Interesting content. Good mix of theory with practical experience and demonstration was very valuable.

Institute of Guidance Counsellors,

Working with PCI has proved to be a valuable partnership. Feedback from participants of the training held in the Family Life Centre Boyle was extremely positive. It was experienced as valuable in equipping the employees with the knowledge and skills of the CBT approach. It was carried out in an atmosphere most conducive to learning.

Denise O'Dowd, Family Life Centre,