Resilience Breakfast Briefing


Eoin Stephens presenting at our September 2015 Breakfast Briefing on ‘Maximising your workplace resilience by disrupting distorted thinking’.

Today we presented the second in our series of Breakfast Briefings on the subject of Workplace Resilience aimed at HR Professionals, Business Leaders, Leadership and Development Practitioners, Coaches, Executives and Managers from a very diverse range of Irish companies.

The subject of today’s briefing was introducing the role distorted thinking and behaviour plays in affecting our levels of resilience and how we can disrupt “common deeply ingrained, sub-optimal cognitive strategies” which arise as attempts to cope with work pressures. These attempts to cope are actually negative in their impact because they are selective and distorting. They can often lead us down the path of increased stress in that they are counter productive to the hassle or adversity at hand.

Participant feedback has been very positive with requests to add new topics to the next briefing on interventions, strategies and tools to help with workplace resilience and the research on the business improvements which come about as a result of resilience training at work.

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