Resilience Coaching at PCI Consulting

PCI Consulting are delighted to announce the launch of our ‘Resilience Coaching’ service. This service can now be delivered as a stand-alone offering as well as part of our existing aftercare component of our Workplace Resilience Programme.

What is Resilience Coaching?

Resilience Coaching focusses not just on traditional coaching methods, models and approaches but embeds the optimisation of Resilience as part of the coaching process itself. This adds tremendous additional benefits to the coaching experience by supporting and enabling clients to understand their present level of resilience and integrate tools and techniques to maximise their levels of resilience as they work to meet or exceed their particular coaching objectives.

What does it involve?

Traditional coaching will typically look at objectives, desired results, outcomes and the means by which a client can achieve those aims. However, life’s adversities (large or small) can typically be cumulative leading to reduced performance, increased stress and difficulties in remaining focussed. Using evidence based resilience tools, we look at broadening coaching tools and augmenting them with a focus on the client’s character strengths (and how to put them to work), teaching the skill of learned optimism and increasing the ratio of positive to negative emotions at work and in life in order to broaden perspectives, reveal additional resources, harness existing strengths and overcome the effects of daily hassles. In Resilience Coaching, we focus not just on outcomes, but equipping our clients with maximum resilience in order to be successful in all spheres of life and work.

Quick overview of our approach to Resilience Coaching.

We have three stages of our coaching service;

  1. Connect; our coach and client will work together to assess the current situation in which they find themselves, determine the blocks to their goals/objectives, describe their objectives clearly and effectively and begin to build a plan to focus on meeting or exceeding those objectives. At this point we also measure the resilience of the client and determine their character strengths profile.
  2. Refine; by gaining awareness of how they think and behave, our coaches facilitate insight and new awareness by demonstrating the skill of learned optimism and putting the character strengths identified in the previous stage to work for the client. The outcomes of change are tracked, feedback is given and received, accountability remains in focussed and our coach helps the client bring together all of the skills, tools and awareness, resources and new perspectives to their life situation. This stage is an iterative one and forms the centre of the coaching sessions building on the initial first session.
  3. Solidify; in this stage (usually the ultimate or penultimate session) our coach will summarise the client’s journey over the coaching relationship. Descriptions of what has been learned are reviewed as well as identifying the most optimal interventions the client has used and the effects on their goals/objectives. Insight is embedded using a number of exercises and tool demonstrations as well as the formulation of a personal resilience charter for each client. Finally, we focus on developing an intention within the client to focus on their resilience using the myriad tools and skills developed over the course of the coaching sessions.

How to engage our Resilience Coaching service.

We would be delighted to discuss with you our Resilience Coaching service, or indeed our Workplace Resilience Programme at your convenience. If you are interested in these products, please contact us using any of the following means;

phone: +353 1 4642268

Maria McGrath, Business Development Manager

Mike Hackett, Programmes Manager

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