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Value beyond the transaction of training hours to cost per hour

Traditional transactional training yields much benefit but little value. Here at PCI Consulting, we work collaboratively with your and those on our programmes to create sustainable change for the short, medium and long term. We do this by harnessing the human potential to change and learn throughout life. We do not believe in the old adage about old dogs and new tricks!

How do we accomplish this value oriented approach? We focus on behaviour change in all of our programmes. We combine expertise in Cognitive Behaviour change, change through positive psychology and deploy individualised tools which are social (shared between leader and subordinate at any level) so that employees are actively pursuing resilience, wellness and engagement in the work, and leaders maximise functioning and performance in their directs. For example, our Workplace Resilience Programme uses the strategy of Disrupt, Build and Sustain to deliver this life-long behaviour change, thus maximising your financial investment beyond the experience of the training room itself.


Focussing on enabling employees to maximise resilience (their ability to bounce back quickly and effectively from adversity), to harness optimism and maximise their character strengths leading to high productivity, higher engagement and improved wellness.


Wellness is not just about stress management, but also looking at factors like preventing absenteeism & presenteeism. These are constant challenges in today’s business environment. We employ the latest approaches to addressing these two expensive and socially disadvantageous symptoms of low wellness and burnout.


Engagement focusses on alignment and commitment to the goals of their leaders and their company. Employees must feel like their voice is heard and when this breaks down, they begin to retreat, disengage and become less productive. Our approach is to educate and support leaders and employees in alignment to goals, sustainable ways of communicating, encouraging responsive feedback that is meaningful for both.