What is wellbeing?

….a state of we in which every individual realises his or her own potential , can cope with the normal stresses of life, can work productively and fruitfully, and is able to make a contribution to her or his community.

World Health Organisation (WHO)

Why is Employee Wellbeing important?

Wellbeing must be part of today’s business agenda – it improves productivity as well as being socially responsible and business effective, in other words – “the right thing to do”.

Is employee mental health and Wellbeing on your corporate agenda or is it embedded in organisational issues and dilemmas??

Mental Stress, Mental illness and substance abuse are much more common and costly to employers than most realise. The rising tide of Depression and Anxiety is being mirrored in the labour market and in turn within the corporate sector. Most organisations are reactive and not pro-active. Mental health issues tend to be dealt with on a case-by-case basis. Employers not only need mentally fit, resilient employees but also have duty of care.

PCI Consulting Employee Wellbeing

 Hence, employee Wellbeing should no longer be viewed as a nice-to-have – it should be included as a strategic objective of your business. Besides being the right thing to do, it is essential not only for social corporate responsibility but also for your bottom line. The evidence demonstrates that the overall psychological wellbeing of employees has a direct link to overall engagement and productivity of the company. Employers need to be explicit about the links between employee engagement and wellbeing. Moreover, psychological wellbeing has stronger link with performance than physical wellbeing. Hence there is a need to change the emphasis from the need to focus solely on physical health in the workplace to an approach that also encompasses psychological health.

It is a simple philosophy – the good of the employee and the good of organisations are in tandem. If you elevate the wellbeing of the workforce, everybody wins!

We believe that organisations should take a strategic and coordinated approach to promoting Wellbeing and assess opportunities for promoting employees’ mental Wellbeing and managing skills. Organisations that make an effort to improve their employees’ wellbeing will also improve their workers physical health, mental health and quality of lives. This in turn leads to less turnover, absenteeism, presenteeism and workplace accidents and higher performance and productivity.

Make sure that your workforce is psychologically fit to drive the improvements in productivity that you need!

PCI Consulting

The Solution

PCI Consulting are experts in creating, delivering and improving psychological wellbeing in individuals. Furthermore, we believe passionately in upskilling employee mentors, first and second line leadership, and coaches in organisations to focus and maintain the initial investment made by our clients.

Initially, we begin by validating our client’s priority issues and look to develop specific solutions and interventions aligned to their strategic business objectives.  Our focus is on prevention. We work collaboratively to provide a framework for taking strategic, proactive and integrated approach to employee engagement and wellbeing.

Our programmes offer evidence-based, robust, valuable and high quality content in these interventions. The experiential nature of our work means that learning is interactive and practical and we give people the skills and tools to empower and help themselves.  Our background in psychological education and counselling and psychotherapy means that we are in a unique position to understand the individual and what is required to empower and facilitate positive, lasting change.

We link with our clients strategic objectives to provide both effective programmes and committed long-term relationship. We understand that the whole person comes to work and everything has an impact on performance. Our person-centred, business focused approach ensures that we achieve two objectives – improve the individual wellbeing of employees within organisations – and improve the overall engagement, productivity and profitability of our clients.